Ice Driving in 911 Rally Cars


Below Zero Ice Driving uses a variety of specially prepared, rally equipped Porsche 911s. Most have a powerful 3.0-litre flat six engine producing over 300 bhp, a close-ratio competition gearbox, Bilstein gravel suspension dampers, a full specification FIA integral roll cage and those iconic Porsche Fuchs wheels with fully studded competition tyres.

British motoring journalist Chris Harris is absolutely obsessed with old Porsche 911s. The only thing he likes more than 911s is powersliding. So you can imagine how happy he was when Below Zero Ice Driving told him he can come down to Sweden and spend a day going sideways on a frozen lake in a selection of classic 911 rally cars.

What that means to the rest of us is a some footage of a blue Porsche sliding about on a white backdrop. We take it!

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